Marty Banks has been dodging the IRS for years; slowly the IRS has been catching up to him. They're made aware of his situation, being in a gang and all, so they have to bring the SWAT team. Marty gets raided and detained in the GG garage and is sentenced to 5 years in prison. The FIB offers him a job to serve his time under the Cyber Crime division instead of serving his time in prison. Marty accepts the job. During his time, he picked up a few new tricks, but mostly didn't care for the job; it was a better option for him than just going right back to Bolingbroke. (4.0 will be a month or so after serving his time)

Jack Cortair slowly started to crumble noticing where things have gone from everyone slowly being torn apart and getting caught in prison. Jack wanted to feel like he had once before, so he went to the casino thinking he would regain part of himself again, trying to think of the good times. Jack left with an empty bank and a crooked smile, and in the end, he had lost himself and went to live the rest of his life beneath the casino, trying to relive the memories coin by coin... Then, there was a flood. Jack was never seen again.

On October 17th, 2023, Ming Jingtai and others organized and executed what they called the “Market” to sell a large number of illegal weapons. Upon trial, Ming was found guilty of multiple counts of criminal possession of firearm, and weapons trafficking. Ming Jingtai was found guilty and sentenced to 5 years in prison.

Larry Knox left for Atlanta for 2 days and became a Kia boy, never been the same since, he sold the LP to Cerberus and went back to school @ UGA. He now commits fraud, identity theft, phishing, fake wire transfers, and scams people for their credit card information and uses an AI generator to disguise his voice as their loved ones. He then became addicted to ecstasy and psilocybin. He moved back to LS because Atlanta was fucking his life up and found out about all the recent raids and the gang's been torn apart. He's alone.

Jamal missed his flight to Jamercia and ended up in Liberty City. Luckily he found a rapper by the name of "Jay-Z" and had dinner with him. Later down the line Jamal would reminisce about the times of the gang life and his friends back home. Shortly after, his lyrics of killing and selling drugs got him indicted in a RICO case. He was sentenced to and has served 5 years in prison.

4HEAD was found guilty for the murder of police officer "Han Velsing", he was sentenced to life in prison with the chance of parole after 40 years. However due to his good behavior in prison and past relationships with D.O.C. and officers of the LSPD, he was let out early.

Zuck lost his memory of the past 3 years after he stayed around Los Santos after everyone gradually disappeared, this led him to a spiral down a path of drug addiction; not caused by loneliness or sadness, just a lack of guidance and supervision. 3 years after the events of 3.0 he overdosed after a bender with bathsalts and digital fentanyl (it was regular fentanyl, the dealer scammed him). This however wasn't the cause of his memory loss. After being released from the hospital, his first urge was to get high. On his way to his dealer's house he tripped on his shoelace and fell down several flights of stairs which ultimately sent him right back to the hospital where he would stay for the next year or so. Zuck remained in a coma during that time, leaving him with no recollection of the past few years.

With his gang members getting locked up or leaving town, Xavier Sin (Xay) decided to fly back home to expand his businesses. He built himself up to a point to where when the rest of the gang gets out of prison, he can help them all get back on their feet. Xay ended up getting married during this time; after many arguments and trying to battle his gambling addictions, his wife left him. She took the kids and half of everything he had. In search of purpose in his life, Xay moves back to Los Santos after a tiresome 5 years.

Kevin Ram became trapped in a massive cavern he was constructing under Los Santos. He subsisted over the 5 years consuming the plants and animals he found in the underground system. He developed overt dissociative identity disorder to cope with the trauma. 2 distinct personalities now exist within Kevin.

During the Sanguine War, Jack Bates had millions of dollars, multiple million dollar vehicles put into his personal name through Marty Banks, and the bank account of his business "1000 CUTS". Due to being in Los Santos on his "working citizenship license" and still having to pay tax for his earnings back in England, he had to try and plan to evade the tax on all of these “new” earnings. The IRS soon caught on and expedited Jack Bates back to England to sentence him and revoked his citizenship. (An unfortunate domino effect of Marty being chased by the IRS)

The other characters in Gulag Gang have not yet to have been heard from.
Anything could have happened to them.